iPhone 5 ringtones

You can personalise your iPhone 5 with a ringtone you make using iTunes.

Guide how to make and add custom ringtones to your iPhone 5.

1. If you don’t already have iTunes on your PC, download it from apple.com/itunes
2. Open iTunes and browse your music library to find the song you want to turn into a ringtone.
3. Make a note of exactly what part of the song you want. For example, from 21 to 40 seconds.
4. Right click on the song. Click Get Info, then click the Options tab.
5. Check the Start Time box. Type in the point in the song where you want the ringtone to start in the format minute:seconds (the 20 second mark would be 0:20). You can be more precise by adding a full stop and putting milliseconds in after that (e.g. 0:20.150).
6. Check the Stop Time box and enter where you would like the ringtone to end. Keep in mind ringtones can be a maximum of 39 seconds long.
7. Press OK.
8. Right click on the same song. Select Convert AAC Version. If the song is in another file format, you can go to Edit then Preferences and under the General tab click Import Settings. Change the file format to AAC.
9. After you select Convert AAC Version a new file will be created, but it will only be the segment of the song you specified earlier.
10. Now you have to find the file you just created. Right click on the new, short version of the song and select Open in Windows Explorer.
11. The file extension should be .m4a. Right click the file and select Rename. Rename the extension .m4r.
12. Delete the shortened version of the song in your iTunes library.
13. Double click the .m4r file and it will load into your iTunes ringtone list.
14. Go to Settings and Sounds on your iPhone 5 to assign the new ringtone to your phone.

Guide how to remove custom ring tones from yout iPhone 5

If you used iTunes, connect your phone to iTunes and on the ringtone tab, uncheck the ringtones you do not want and sync your phone.

Last Modified on October 11, 2019
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